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I run my independent graphic design studio near Budapest, Hungary. Working with clients from all over Europe, expanding the reach of their businesses trough articulate but impactful design.

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We should not judge a book by its cover, but we do and we do it without mercy.

With this fact in mind, consider what a potential client might think of your business when reading your brochure, noticing your ad or scanning through your website?

The first glance on these items will carry a definitive impression of what is essentially your identity. Because of this, it is crucial to visually articulate the quality and essence of your services at every contact point between you and your clients.

Given enough care, a consistent identity can be your best salesman, talking to all of your prospective clients at once, nonstop for the foreseeable future meanwhile visually clarifying your value proposition.

If you are aiming for the next level and would like some help on the visual side, I would love to hear from you.


How can your logo become your prefect agent?

What is this fundamental attraction logos have? How come that with such key elements like logos both designers and customers often rely on mere intuitions? Is there a way to make the design process more clear and conscious for both parties?

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What does it cost?

Creating one logo or revamping a multinational companies identity is not the same. That is why I will have some questions about the scope of the project during our first meeting. Based on that, I will be able to send a precise proposal.

How long does it take?

That again depends on the project and the number of items that has to be created. On average, a project could last from 3 weeks to 6 months or even more.

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